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Point of Impact Global Missions (POI) is a faith-based ministry founded in 2006 by David Hamilton of Memphis, TN, USA. POI staff and volunteers began partnering with a local church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras to help meet the daily physical, spiritual, educational, emotional and social needs of children living in Tegucigalpa. 



A vital component of one’s holistic health is their spiritual wellbeing. POI seeks to optimize spiritual growth by providing sustained spiritual care to its communities through discipleship programs, biblical tutoring, and church partnerships. Utilizing various spiritual assessment tools, POI regularly evaluates the spiritual needs of staff, volunteers and students to provide the necessary training and materials for engaging with the word of God and a life with Christ. 


Emotional health and development are much too often ignored, but can be crucial to individual and community well being. POI provides psychological care for its families, students, staff and volunteers. Empowering this care includes frequent training such as Trauma Informed Care, Trust Based Relational Care, etc. for all staff and volunteers. Recurrent follow-up is conducted to ensure staff and volunteers are equipped with necessary materials and skills for healthy emotional development to sustain them in emotionally supporting their communities. Periodic assessments are conducted to monitor progress and create realistic, achievable goals for staff, students and volunteers. 


One of the cornerstones of POI is education. POI facilitates biblical, academic and cultural education for all program children through its tutoring program. The ministry employs annual assessments in order to establish personalized education goals. As a component of follow-up, school volunteers and staff are encouraged to engage with students and families within their homes and neighborhoods to help identify and alleviate any barriers to learning. If one child succeeds, it benefits the entire family.


POI understands that children are social beings and each must be allowed to flourish in his or her own disposition. POI provides students with opportunities for socialization with local staff. Students are taught appropriate social skills such as conflict resolution, respect for authority, social etiquette, etc. POI ensures that staff and volunteers are equipped to teach and monitor social skills in the children and that space is created to practice said skills. Additionally, there are many opportunities for community outreach and organization for children, staff and volunteers alike. 

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