Education system in Honduras is lacking

April 1st, 2011

In the country of Honduras, teachers have been on strike for the majority of the school year so far. In a period of two months, they have only held class eight times. While the teachers protest, they leave students to fend for themselves. If education is the future of a nation, the school system has crippled the next generation by not providing the necessary tools to improve society. Instead of instilling educational lessons in students’ minds, the teachers have acted as bad examples. Several people have lost their lives during the strikes, and the violence continues to escalate. Millions of lempiras (Honduran money) have been lost in the destruction of buildings and cars. However, in the midst of the worst educational crisis in the country’s history, POI offers hope.

Each week, more than 340 children in four neighborhoods across Tegucigalpa, come to our program to receive after-school tutoring. We also have two fully-accredited kindergartens that meet every day. While the public school teachers strike, POI teachers faithfully show up to help students in core subjects like math and grammar. These children come with big hopes and dreams, believing that God can use them in a big way. They deserve the right to an education and you can help provide one today. For $30 a month, you can send a child to a POI program to receive tutoring, nutrition and medical attention.

A group of ten recently decided to sponsor an entire kindergarten class for the school year. This class meets everyday with a certified teacher so upon graduation, these students will be approved to enter the Honduran school system. We can instill good classroom behavior and give them a solid foundation at an early age. To learn more about how you can get involved with sponsoring a kindergarten, contact Keny Hatley (khatley [at] poihn [dot] org).

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