Christmas Backpack Project

November 1st, 2011

When you GIVE A BACKPACK filled with school supplies to a child who grows up in a country with a 36 percent unemployment rate, it could make the difference between a job or a life on the streets. The cruel cycle of poverty that plagues over half the population of Honduras traps not only one generation but inevitably transfers to the following generations as well. Currently, 59 percent of the population falls below the poverty line. Children living in these conditions don’t have the resources necessary to fight the losing battle of overcoming poverty and unemployment. Left alone on the streets for most of the day, neglected by parents struggling to find food and work, most children won’t get the opportunity to ever have a better life.

But you can make a difference. You can be the catalyst to break the cycle of despair in Honduras. By giving a child a Christmas Backpack, you equip them with the supplies they need to get a proper education. For $45, you PROVIDE A BACKPACK filled with:

  • Pencils and a sharpener
  • Pens
  • Three notebooks
  • Ruler
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Dictionary
  • School uniform
  • Pair of shoes.

Help us reach our goal of providing backpacks for all our POI students to place them on the road to a better life. To give a backpack now, you can GIVE ONLINE or send a check to Point of Impact Global Missions.

Send checks to: 3150 New Brunswick Road, Memphis, TN 38133 (write "Christmas Backpack" in memo section)

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