Binding up the broken

August 1st, 2011

Imagine trying to buy medicine and pay for a doctor’s care when you’re making less than $1 a day. Approximately 46 percent of the population lives on this measly salary in an environment where they have little running water and disease can easily run rampant. Honduras has only 8.7 doctors for every 10,000 people and 34 out of every 1,000 children die before they reach age five. If a family can even afford to make it to a public health center, they often cannot pay for treatment or medication. Even worse, the doctors do not give adequate attention to their patients and lack medicinal supplies.

The government realizes the weakness in the public health system, but are at a loss to help. The health minister said, “The hospitals in Honduras have been over boarded by the demand and if we keep working like this, there is no way that the State or the society can hold the health responsibility.”

The Church cannot wait for the government to help the 6.5 million Honduras who need immediate medical attention. That’s why POI has on-staff doctors and on-site medical clinics in two of their neighborhoods. The clinics provide free consultations, health care, treatment and medication to the children in the program, as well as their families. They are also open to the communities for a small fee (whatever they can pay). Every day in each clinic, doctors treat approximately 25-30 people from the neighborhoods, plus the program children.

When you give $30 a month to support a child through POI, you are providing him along with his entire family with free health care – something desperately needed in the country of Honduras. To find out more about sponsorship, click here.

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