Christmas Medicine Packs

This Christmas a $35 Medicine Pack can give the gift of health for an entire year.

Give a $35 Medicine Pack Now

Why Give A Medicine Pack?

Although Honduras has a public healthcare system, it ironically is still a nation rampant with disease and illness, Honduras only affords its citizens 9 doctors for every 10,000 people. Out of every 1,000 children in Honduras, 34 will unnecessarily die without proper medical care before they reach age five.

This is particularly true for those children living in the areas where POI works everyday. A large majority of children who attend the POI programs come from families that receive an income of less than two dollars a day. Even if a family can find the means of travel to a public health center, they often cannot afford treatment, medication, or a return visit.  

That is why POI employs its own doctors and nurses.  Through our clinics last year we saw over 14,500 patients and provided over 72,000 prescriptions.  If we want to reach these people with the Gospel then POI must also take their health risks very serious. We commit to provide the best care to all of our kids who are in need.  That’s why when you give a Medicine Pack for $35, you help make this happen. 

What is in the Medicine Pack?

Each Medicine Pack includes a variety of medications essential for treating common illnesses known to plague the Honduran children. For example: Giving a $35 Medicine Pack will include treatments for respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatological, etc. 

Over 10 million children across the world die each year from Respiratory infections that can be treated with medication. Your generosity helps the POI clinics continue fighting to lower statistics like these.  You can make a difference!  Not only will the child be receiving the Hope of Jesus Christ through POI, but with your gift they will also receive the gift of health.  

“We have more to offer than just a prescription.  Our patients are of very low income.  Knowing that most of their immediate health needs are being met through our clinics gives us great satisfaction.  They are given a chance at quality healthcare that they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.”

- Nurse at Crucitas Clinic

Help us reach our goal

Give a $35 Medicine Pack Now

We Need 650 Medicine Packs for the next year, and we certainly cannot do this without you!  Now is your opportunity to partner with Point of Impact to impact children in Honduras. Merry Christmas!