Dreams Come True

December 4th, 2012

The House Home Kids Visit the States for Christmas

Over the past year we have prayed for a way to bring the House Home kids here to the United States for Christmas. We wanted to reward them for their hard work in school as well as give them the opportunity to experience Christmas with a complete family. This Christmas, fourteen children will be staying in host homes all over the Memphis area. The children are so excited about their Christmas vacation in the United States. Kevin (one of the house home boys) said, “I am excited to go to the US to have fun and to watch the clouds and eat them from the plane”. 

POI founder Ruth Hamilton shares how the story has unfolded:

"The journey began about a year ago when we attempted to bring our three oldest girls from the orphanage to the States for a visit. It wasn't God's timing for them all to come, and Gaby was the only one who made the trip. The experience was so positive and was beneficial for both she and her host family.


In January of 2012, David and I had the opportunity to take some time away to rest. During this time I read the book "Orphanology" by Tony Merida and Rick Morton. As I read the Eight Similarities about God's Adoption of Us and Our Adoption of Children, I began to question what does God want me to do personally for orphans and children in the foster care system. This is where the idea was conceived to bring all our orphans to the States for Christmas.


We have seen God's hand during the entire process. The plan was drawn up, paperwork submitted, passports and visas applied for, host homes acquired and much prayer during the process. There is no other explanation, but it is totally God that worked out the details.

David and I are about to board the plane headed to Tegucigalpa to bring our babies to the States. Our prayer for you is that you too will hear the cry of the orphans who need to know that they have dignity, value and worth as God's image bearers.”

It is hard to imagine that at one time these precious children lived in hopeless situations.  Thanks to the Lord and to the support of many, they now have all their basic needs met as well as an abundance of love. We are so happy to give them the opportunity to spend Christmas with a complete family. 

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