Currently we have two operating kindergartens: one at San Juan and one at Crucitas. Both have been approved by the government as fully-accredited kindergartens, recognized by the state. The students who graduate from these programs will be prepared to enter a public school for first grade. We thought it was important to give beginning students a solid foundation before they enter the public education arena. Our teachers also take the opportunity to share Bible stories with their students. Once they graduate, they begin attending our tutoring programs, which are specifically for 1st - 6th graders. They still receive medical attention and daily meals just like the after-school programs. The only difference is they attend every day in place of a public school.

Overhead costs to run a fully-accredited kindergarten class is expensive as we pay for facilities, teachers, school supplies, uniforms, meals, housekeeping, medical costs and more. We were able to fund a kindergarten because a group of ten couples committed to supporting a class for $300 a month. If you would like to create or join a new group of ten to start another kindergarten class in one of our neighborhoods or for more information, email us at ruth [at] poiglobal [dot] org.