Medical Clinics

Our POI day programs at Villa Nueva, Crucitas and San Juan have medical clinics to provide assistance and services in the following areas:

   •     Dehydration

   •     Respiratory Care

   •     Malnutrition

   •     Wound Care

All children in our programs are seen by an on-staff doctor when they first enter to assess health needs. We then continue to monitor them and also provide free healthcare to their family while they are in the program. The children in the Feb. 21 program are transported to one of these three facilities whenever the need arises. Any church member or community member may come to the clinic and receive diagnosis and treatment. 

Children's Sponsor Programs

We have four children's programs, one at Crucitas, Feb. 21, San Juan and Villa Nueva. These programs provide after-school tutoring, medical assistance and daily nutrition. The pastors oversee the children's programs while on-staff teachers and cooks help the students on a day-to-day basis. You can sponsor a child in one of our programs today!


At two of the children's programs, we have accredited kindergartens with licensed teachers. This provides the youngest children with a great foundation and private school education before they enter public school for first grade. The kindergarten meets every day and is recognized by the state. 

Children Homes

In 2009, we opened a House Home (orphanage) that now houses 15 children who were living on the streets or in terrible home situations with no parent or guardian taking care of them. They range in age from 5 - 16.  Today we have 3 house homes.  The children attend a private, Christian school and receive clothing and nutrition. They also now have a loving place to live.


We believe the local church is responsible for looking after the orphan, the widow, the poor and the oppressed. Therefore all our operations run out of two churches within Tegucigalpa. These neighborhoods are Guacerique and San Juan.